Karate at Four Lakes Athletic Club

Karate for Kids will be focused on teaching the student basic movements and various hand and foot combinations. Students will practice stances, blocks, punches and kicks while also learning self-defense techniques.

Karate for Adults will focus on basic movements and hand and foot combinations while learning the formal art of Kata. The class will include self-defense, punches, kicks, and light sparring.

Wednesday – 6:30 – 7:30 PM
Saturday – 10:30 – 11:30 AM

Month to Month option is $100/mo
Committing to a 6 month session is $75/mo



We teach a style of karate that has a Okinawan history and heritage with it’s ancient roots dating back as far as 500 A.D. We are a traditional school of learning and our style of self-defense and philosophies on life have been cultivated and developed over time. We teach a system based on soft block and hard counter, distinguishing us from others.

Okinawan Art of Self-Defense

Offering a traditional yet practical proven self-defense methods that are applicable in everyday life. As you progress through your journey and develop as a Martial Artist, you will be recognized for your efforts through belt ranking.

KOBUDO: The Art of Weapons

We teach the fundamentals, use and history of all martial arts weapons and their contribution to the development of karate. As a karate practitioner you will practice a practical, intuitive system of karate that can be learned by all, young and old, male and female. A system historically proven that offers effective methods of self-defense and disciplines for living.

About Sensei Milanko Djurdjulov

Sensei Milanko, instructor of FLAC Karate with a 4th Degree Black Belt. Sensei Milanko has over 35 years of Martial Arts experience and competition, as well as teaching practical methods of self defense.

Sensei Milanko teaches a philosophy of Karate based on a lifelong pursuit.  He believes in the principles of a well balanced mind, body and spirit. In time, this lifelong study of Karate will reveal to the student that even during the more difficult times , there is no limit to what they can accomplish.